Smart Home Solutions

A home automation system includes everything that allows you to control, on site, remotely or automatically, the electrical devices of a building. It can be as simple as controlling the lights, and can go as far as an intelligent central control system that seamlessly connects multiple technologies such as AV equipment, media players, lighting control, security, intercom, air conditioning, light fixtures, motorized shades, irrigation, pool controls, and more, creating a simple and convenient solution that the whole family can use.

The installation of home automation systems is growing fast, having even become a standard for many new constructions, residential, commercial and in renovations. You may now begin using the system in one room, then grow the structure as you wish, or integrate it into the entire building: a home automation system offers maximum flexibility.

Benefits of home automation

Centralized management

You can manage all your home devices through a single interface on your smartphone, tablet or keyboard, allowing you to access countless functions and devices throughout your home.


Home automation systems are compatible with new devices and most brands. Integration of newer device models is also possible, to ensure flexibilty and modernity.

Reinforced security

Home automation systems have advanced security features that can connect motion detectors, cameras and automated door locks. Security alerts can be sent and monitoring is available 24-hours-a day, seven-days-a-week, from anywhere.

Remote control

With a home automation system, the temperature automatically rises on a cold day and the oven can preheat on a busy evening; you can monitor if any lights or appliances where left on and who is ringing the doorbell. All remotely!

Energy saving and efficiency

Making your space more energy efficient becomes easy! Our programmable thermostats control heating and cooling based on a home’s occupancy, the time and the outside temperature. The same logic is used for the opening of lights and blinds.


Smart devices can customize their operation according to your habits and preferences: the data collected is recorded in the form of a dashboard, providing a clear picture of your consumption and your daily routine.

Types of home automation

Residential home automation

Alkom will work in order to determine the right technology for your home’s needs. We will then design a home automation system solution that offers convenience, security and affordability.

Commercial home automation

Our business automation systems provide solutions for connecting technology across the office through a single, easy-to-use interface.

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