Smart lighting

Alkom offers high quality smart lighting products that meet the latest trends. We continuously develop new products to meet the future needs of our customers in advance of their requirements. 

Our smart lighting systems are delivered and designed with the help of passionate  architects, designers and construction professionals. By choosing smart lighting, you’re in control: turn your lights on and off, adjust brightness, change color temperature, and set schedules.

In addition to the convenience of using smart lighting, many benefits comes up such as better sleep, energy savings, improved ambiance, increased home security and a beautiful and remarkable look. Thanks to our wide range of LED profiles and smart light switches, we offer the best solution available on the market in terms of technology, quality and price.

Benefits of smart lighting

smart lighting distance

Remote control

Even in your absence, lights, blinds, even the television – can activate randomly, automatically or on command.

smart lighting routine

Routine and automation

In addition to interacting with other components in the house, smart lighting allows the creation of scenes depending on the time of day or your mood – relaxation, cooking, evening, meal, etc.

smart lighting mouvement

Movement detector

Motion detectors can be programmed to turn on lights, inside or outside the house. A notification indicating the area where the sensor has been triggered can be sent.

smart lighting energy

Energy saving

From the motion sensor that turns the light on when you walk into a room and turns it off when you exit, to outdoor lights that shine at nightfall, the multiple possible settings all save energy.

smart lighting ambiance


Our expertise is based on developing new ideas to provide great mood, scenes and light layouts in every rooms.

smart lighting statistique


Among other things, ceiling lights of the home theater can flash if the doorbell rings during the film and, at night, a motion activated-sensor gently lights up your path.

Types of smart lighting

Architectural lighting

Whether it’s a business or residential project, we work together with our architects, designers or specialist in constructing partners to create well balanced architectural lighting with good emphasis and good reveal of the texture, design or function of the building.

Commercial lighting

As for commercial lighting, used for commercial spaces such as offices, hotels, shops, schools, etc., we offer practical and functional lighting designed to meet a specific need for our customers.

Linear LED lighting

Our linear LED luminaires are fully customisable, distinctive, aesthetically pleasing and functional on a daily basis. They are the key to a unique lighting experience.

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