Linear LED lighting

Whether for business or residential use, linear LED lighting is growing in popularity. Direct lighting, indirect lighting, recessed or mounted, this type of lighting should however be planned from the start. Are you looking for a beautiful, reliable and effective illuminating idea? Do not search anymore.

Our expertise in linear LED lighting

Alkom offers a large selection of linear LED luminaires, designed for multiple use purpose. Along walls, above the backsplash, under cabinets, in drop ceilings or walls close to the floor. Recessed led profiles are available in RGB, warm white, and cold white and represent a contemporary solution that complements architecture and design.

Our projects :
In linear LED lighting


Commercial lighting, architectural lighting, color temperature, programming

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Commercial lighting, architectural lighting, color temperature, programming


Architectural lighting, LED linear lighting, commercial lighting

Our other smart lighting services

Architectural lighting

Whether it’s a business or residential project, we work together with our architects, designers or specialist in constructing partners to create well balanced architectural lighting with good emphasis and good reveal of the texture, design or function of the building.

Commercial lighting

As for commercial lighting, used for commercial spaces such as offices, hotels, shops, schools, etc., we offer practical and functional lighting designed to meet a specific need for our customers.

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