Architectural lighting

Accordingly to the main purpose of the space, we will decide on the architectural lighting : direct, indirect, signage, atmosphere, etc. In addition, we are assessing future light requirements, such as the amount of light needed in the room or the color temperature, ranging from warm to cool white.

Our service of architectural lighting

We create tailor-made lighting solutions reflecting the purpose of a room : for example, when in the kitchen, you need direct task lighting, an intense, directed light for specific activity, usually cast downward that will strike objects and surfaces directly. On the other hand, when in your home theater or multimedia room, we want ambient, diffused light that is not directed at any particular object or surface. 

Architectural lighting needs are changing accordingly to the objectives and the desired mood of a room.

Our projects :
In architectural lighting


Architectural lighting, stretched canvas, linear LED lighting, residential lighting


Architectural lighting, linear LED lighting, residential lighting


Architectural lighting, linear LED lighting, residential lighting

Our other smart lighting services

Commercial lighting

As for commercial lighting, used for commercial spaces such as offices, hotels, shops, schools, etc., we offer practical and functional lighting designed to meet a specific need for our customers.

Linear LED lighting

Our linear LED luminaires are fully customisable, distinctive, aesthetically pleasing and functional on a daily basis. They are the key to a unique lighting experience.

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